Reading & Eating

Posted on Fri 05 January 2018 in Blog


  1. I formed a Reinforcement Learning study group at work, so I've been watching and reading materials curated by Denny Britz. For a short intro to RL, read: a) Karpathy's "Pong From Pixels" b) A bit more in-depth: "Demystifying Deep RL"
  2. Tom Holland's Rubicon, a fantastic book on the path Rome took from republic to empire. I'm going to Italy for the first time this Spring, and picked this book up to get deeper into the history.
  3. Liu Cixin's Three Body Problem. This book has gotten a lot of hype recently and it deserves it. I'd actually recommend being slightly spoiled on the plot before you start, and a bit of knowledge about the Cultural Revolution wouldn't hurt.


  1. Abu Qir on Steinway, some of the best and most reasonably priced seafood I've had in NY.
  2. Ramen from Minca, because it's cold out.
  3. Pasta from Russo's in the East Village.